Film “Genocide Revealed” wins multiple awards

Genocide Revealed, a feature documentary produced and directed by YURIJ LUHOVY has won a series of awards in 2011 including Best Historical Film and Best Documentary. The documentary is about the Ukrainian terror-famine of 1932-1933, the [...]

Oscar-Nominated Actor Graham Greene Narrates Genocide Revealed

Montreal - Graham Greene, an Oscar-nominated Canadian actor, is the narrator of Genocide Revealed - the English language version of the documentary film Okradena Zemlya on the Holodomor - 1932-33 Famine Genocide in Soviet Ukraine. “I am extremely happy [...]

A standing ovation in Kyiv for “Okradena Zemlya”

Official invitations were mailed to various dignitaries, including those who participated in the film and were interviewed in the documentary, among them Ivan Drach, Dr. Hennadii Boriak, Prof. Yurii Shapoval, Prof. Roman Serbyn.  Admission [...]

Presentation of the documentary film «Genocide Revealed».

Presentation of the documentary film «Genocide Revealed». (Director Yuriy Luhovyi Canada) National Museum "Holodomor victims’ Memorial" with Ukrainian Institute of National Memory invite to a presentation of the documentary film "Genocide Revealed" filmed by Canadian [...]

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