GENOCIDE REVEALED WINS FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY Montreal: The feature documentary film “Genocide Revealed” has just won first prize, The Albert Statuette, at the 2011 Litchfield Hills Film Festival (formerly Kent Film Festival) for Best [...]

“Genocide Revealed” Wins for Best Historical Film in Honolulu

Genocide Revealed Wins for Best Historical Film in Honolulu Montreal:  The 75-minute feature documentary Genocide Revealed on the Kremlin-engineered genocide of the Ukrainian nation has won  “Best Historical Film” at the Honolulu International Film Awards.  The award [...]

Documentary Genocide Revealed wins IndieFest Award

Documentary Genocide Revealed Wins Indie Fest International Award  Montreal:   The historical feature documentary Genocide Revealed produced and directed by Yurij Luhovy has won the prestigious Award of Merit at the Indie Fest International Festival held at La Jolla, [...]

“Genocide Revealed” Movie Screening – SAN FRANCISCO

The genocidal famine in Ukraine known as the Holodomor (from the Ukrainian holod meaning “hunger, starvation, famine” and moryty meaning “to induce suffering, to kill”) was caused by the cruel actions and policies of [...]

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